I recently used Career Compositions. Shawna was my resume writer. This was my second time using a professional resume service. The first one being Seymour Possibilities ran by Sandie Seymour. Which was a great help in transitioning to a new line of work.
When I came to Shawna it was because I had gone back to my previous line of work and was looking for a job with a specific organization. I needed everything in a timely fashion as I would not only be applying online but would be dropping off my resume with the company at a career fair.
Shawna did a fantastic job. She was timely and professional and was able to take all of my skills and education and wrap it up like a nice Christmas present for me so it was all coherent and flowed nicely.
For anyone looking for a professional resume service, I would recommend Shawna. The one thing that I will add for anyone thinking of hiring a professional resume writer is that make sure you proofread everything. Spellchecker and people both miss spelling and grammar errors so make sure you’re vigilant and proof everything.
I found a few in my DRAFT copy and Shawna had no issue with fixing them. She’s really easy to communicate with.


Career Compositions

Career Compositions is a team of Certified Resume Strategists and writers offering expertise in personal branding and marketing documents for career professionals across Canada.

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