A cover letter is a valuable tool to supplement your resume when applying to a job opportunity. Although some postings may not explicitly state that this is a requirement, it is always valuable to include a letter that addresses a recruiter or employer as directly as possible. Cover letters are an opportunity to explain yourself in a much more direct way than a resume, allowing you to address both your objectives and your experience relative to the specific context of your application.

An effective cover letter will introduce you to your audience in an engaging and professional manner, attracting the attention of a recruiter efficiently and ensuring that your interest, intention and alignment with the position is communicated quickly and powerfully. Cover letters that are written in response to a specific job ad should be targeted to the specifics of the posting, and should reflect the ways in which your expertise resonates with that position.

Our professional writers can create cover letters to target a specific job opening, or to be more adaptable to a wider scope of opportunities. When crafting a more generalized cover letter, your writer will offer guidance regarding how to “tweak” the document with the least amount of effort for each application.


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