“I’ve been in my industry for years and have never needed a resume before.”

“I’ve recently graduated and want to make sure I am representing my experience in the best way to find a job.”

“I’ve been retired for awhile and am looking to find something to keep me busy and engaged.”

“I have a resume I built a few years ago but am not sure if it meets today’s standards for an application.”

“I don’t have a resume and have no idea where to start!”

We’ve heard it all, and there is no wrong reason to look for professional assistance in creating a powerful and effective resume. Whether you have written your own resumes for years and simply aren’t getting the traction you’d like, or you are overwhelmed at the idea of putting your professional expertise on a page, our writers are here to help. Backed by years of experience, extensive knowledge of resume best-practices, and a passion for crafting powerful descriptions of your assets in targeted, compelling language, we have built a reputation for creating effective resumes that empower you to pursue your career goals.

There are no black and white rules to crafting a perfect resume, but there are a myriad of tools and techniques that our professionals leverage in creating your marketing documents. These approaches, including formatting, design, content development, keyword identification, prioritization and industry-specific language usage, ensure that you have the utmost competitive advantage. Identifying your unique skills, accomplishments, and traits, and communicating these in alignment with the opportunities you are targeting, are what we do best.

Today’s resumes must pass through many hoops to find their way to the top of the selection pile. ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and other technologies can vet your resume before it ever gets the chance to be viewed by human eyes. And once it does, it must stand out from the rest, showcasing your strengths and demonstrating how they resonate with the requirements of the job.

Let our experts take the stress out of the process, giving you a sense of confidence knowing that you have put your best foot forward.

Resume services are priced based on your level of experience, representing the scope of your application. Our packages are organized in the following categories:

Emerging Professional: 3 or less years of experience in their field

Career Professional: less than 10 years of experience in their field

Executive Professional: 10 or more years of experience in their field (C-Suite, Managers, Directors)

Less than 3 years

3-10 years

10+ years

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