Uncertainty is the dominant feeling with so many individuals regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our global society. Perspectives and emotions related to the crisis may be diverse, but it is difficult to deny the repercussions it is having on our economy and daily lives.

For some, the decisions being made to curb the overall spread of the virus has significantly influenced their working conditions and professional lives. In some cases, those that work in contact with others have been sent home, unsure of compensation or timelines. Others have been let go of contract positions on projects that have been cancelled or delayed. Some have been able to continue modified work activities from home, changing their working landscape and their ability to execute their tasks.

If anything, this crisis has challenged the sense of security many of us previously felt weeks ago, when things felt more in our control. We will, no doubt, persevere as a global community and find ways to thrive because of this challenge. It is, however, a reminder that we are subject to the inconsistencies, uncertainties and changes happening all around us, and in order to safeguard ourselves against adversity we must find internal ways of building resiliency and strength.

As human beings, we first need our basic needs met, which includes our physical and mental health. During this time, I encourage everyone to take this as utmost priority, managing risk in a way that feels responsible and aligned with the needs of those that matter to us most. No doubt, we need to come together on an unprecedented level to collaboratively protect our well-being, and slowing down to take care of what matters is paramount.

Going forward, we can take lessons from this experience and create better systems that promote empowerment and security in our own lives. The government and health care systems will, no doubt, evolve their protocols to ensure optimal responses when we face another collective challenge. As individuals, we can also work to optimize our approaches, preparing for the worst and, ultimately, seeking the best possible outcomes.

As a Career Development support professional, it is my goal to arm my clients with as much techniques, tools and resources to create a sense of confidence and adaptability that can mitigate the challenges of a constantly changing world. It is easy to forget in times of strife that while challenges exist, solutions are constantly being created in response, and while fear spreads, opportunity also abounds. Proactively seeking opportunities to learn, to identify our own unique worth, and to seek out activities that offer evidence of our ability to contribute to the world help us remember how powerful we are. Our careers are an exploration of opportunities to deliver, to gain knowledge, to grow, and to add value. There may not be a work world that is founded on dependable security any more, but there is, in its absence, an abundance of possibilities.

This health crisis is an opportunity to reflect on the state of the world, our interconnectedness, our resiliency, and our attitude toward change. We must remain hopeful, collaborative, and focused on the future. And we must, always, take care of each other.

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