You’ve likely heard that LinkedIn is a crucial tool in career development practices, but many professionals that shy away from social media wonder if having a profile is really worth the effort.

The truth is, along with being host to over 500 million professionals, LinkedIn offers a unique platform for both active and passive career development. That means an effective LinkedIn profile can build professional visibility, credibility, and opportunity directly and indirectly. You can use LinkedIn to actively search for jobs, create networks, and research industries, or you can use it to build personal brand recognition while you sleep.

There are many reasons LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for leveraging your professional value and evolving in your career. You can use LinkedIn to keep up to date with industry trends, develop your expertise and identity as an industry thought leader, or tap into extensive job boards. You can build strong, relevant networks of professionals that can guide you to information, individuals, and opportunities. And you can investigate what other professionals in your field are doing to achieve their own success.

However, having a LinkedIn profile that looks professional, intentional, and engaging, with targeted language that optimizes your SEO (your visibility in search results from other employers or professionals), allows you to “move up in the world” without constant maintenance and effort. Your profile should be comprehensive and compelling – your introduction should be intimate and engaging, your headline should be targeted but unique, and your experience and education should be inclusive so that anyone relevant to your career goals can find you.

A powerful profile is like a magnet to other professionals that can benefit from a connection with you, and vice versa. Although it should reflect the details of your resume, it should not merely be a reiteration. It is an opportunity, like a cover letter, to present yourself in a slightly different light – something personal that makes other professionals hungry to collaborate with you.

Our professional writers and strategists know how to translate your overall professional picture into a narrative that utilizes this unique platform in the most effective way to draw others in and open doors for new and exciting opportunities.

Standard LinkedIn updates are $129 + tax, and include a custom Headline, Profile Summary, and full update on all history, education, and skills content. To package your LinkedIn update with a custom resume and cover letter, please check out our Resume Packages.

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    LinkedIn Update/Profile Creation

    Our LinkedIn makeover services include a full update or profile creation, including a custom headline, profile summary, and comprehensive description of your career history. Content is optimized to target your ideal audience, from recruiters and clients, to collaborators and organizations.

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