How much do your writing services cost?

As a “boutique-style” resume service, we provide custom, individually designed and strategized career marketing pieces. We do not “copy and paste” content, and you can be confident that each resume, cover letter, or summary is written from scratch with your unique value in mind. Most writing services are packaged per project, and are priced based on the scope of the work. If you are a professional starting off a new career, resume development is less intensive than, say, an executive with decades of experience and career accomplishments.  On average, pricing is based on $90/hour, and custom projects are estimated based on this structure. Pricing takes into consideration experience, research, industry expertise, creative development, and revision processes. We stand behind our work, and will revise your project until we know you are satisfied with the results!

How does your resume development process work?

Crafting effective marketing material starts with a solid understanding of who you are and what your goals are. Once you have decided on a package (your level and your needs) and make a purchase, our Resume Strategist will contact you and introduce themselves by email. In the introduction, you will receive a questionnaire that outlines the information needed to get started, along with a request for any supporting documents (current resume, cover letter, recommendation letters, etc.) that we can use to build your resume. Once all of the material and information is received, we schedule a phone consult if required, or get started right away on your draft. This initial draft is forwarded to you so that it can be fine tuned and modified, ensuring that it is an authentic, relevant and powerful presentation of your own unique value.

Do you have an office I can visit for an appointment?

Most of our work is done remotely, through phone and email communication, as this is the most efficient and effective method of development. Completing the project through correspondence instead of on the spot allows for clients to collect and modify their information, and for our writers to perform comprehensive research into industry best practices, and to consult with HR representatives to ensure your resume is as targeted as possible. We are all passionate about people, and although we may not always be there for a smile and a hand shake, we ensure that your experience is thorough, professional, confidential and personal.

How long does the process take?

That depends on you – if you are able to send information right away, our writers are ready for you! Resume development is a collaborative effort, so we work with you on your schedule. Our writers are always available through email, so communication is most efficient through this process. You can expect somewhere between 2-5 business days to complete the drafting and revision process.

What if I don’t like my resume first draft?

That’s why it’s a “first draft”. Resumes are both objective (they include specific content and information) and subjective (they vary in aesthetic appeal and characteristics), so what we think is beautiful might not be your cup of tea. We always expect modifications after the first round because we want to make sure that your document is ideal for you, as well as aligned with industry best practices. We will revise your resume until we know you are satisfied.

Why would I hire a writer instead of doing it myself?

Writing a resume yourself is always an option, and if you feel confident doing so, go for it! Our certified writers have specialized knowledge, experience, training and talent to refine your resume so that it follows national resume best practices, industry expectations, and marketing objectives. It may be that you aren’t comfortable working with document formatting or computer software, or aren’t familiar with how a resume should be laid out. You may have a high profile position that you want to ensure you have marketability for. You may have found that you haven’t had positive results with your current resume. Or maybe the idea of taking the time to craft an impressive resume may seem overwhelming. Investing in a professionally written resume by a trained and certified expert pays off in dividends, and often helps boost your confidence when applying for key opportunities.

What about DIY resume builders online?

These days you can do just about anything with a little help from the internet, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. With the amount of competition for most positions in the market, having a standard run-of-the-mill resume with details about the tasks you’ve performed often doesn’t make the cut. Thousands of resumes get lost in the online job application “black hole” because they look like everyone else’s. At Career Compositions, we take the time to craft a powerful resume designed just for you, highlighting the things that makes you uniquely marketable and valuable. Our writers have experience in using keywords, layout, phrases and formats that mitigate the challenges of a competitive marketplace and offer guidance and advice through the process.

Should I update my LinkedIn account?

These days, LinkedIn is becoming a standard for any professional looking to present credibility in their field. Like having credentials or experience, a LinkedIn account shows that you are connected and involved in your professional community, and offers you opportunities to present your expertise to others. More importantly, it is a great way for you to connect to like-minded professionals, opening up opportunities and consolidating your professional brand.

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