I hate social media. Do I really need to be on LinkedIn?

I hear this a lot. Yes, you already have a job. Or a stellar resume. Or a lot of friends with connections. Or a total revulsion to connecting to yet another time consuming social media platform destined to plague you with ads and suck the life out of your already scant personal time.

For some, the value of LinkedIn for guaranteeing professional visibility is already a given. Executives, for example, often explain to me that their colleagues have advised them to make sure their LinkedIn profiles are up to date and impressive – competition is often fierce at this level and ensuring credibility is essential. But what about mid-level professionals with “secure” employment? Or new graduates without a career history?

The truth is, every professional needs to be on LinkedIn.

Consider these stats (LinkedIn stats 2017):

  • Total numbers of LinkedIn users – 500 million
  • Current LinkedIn available languages – 24
  • Geographical reach of LinkedIn – 200 countries and territories
  • Total number of LinkedIn endorsements – 10 billion
  • B2B marketers that leverage LinkedIn – 92%
  • Active job listings on LinkedIn – 3 million

In short, LinkedIn has some impressive numbers behind it, and as a networking resource, it is a veritable ocean of opportunity. But is it really essential? According to popular statistics, up to 85% of jobs are found through networking, and tapping into the “hidden job market”, making LinkedIn an invaluable tool for finding that perfect job. By connecting with relevant professionals within your niche or industry, you can often get the “insider’s information” on leads and opportunities that are otherwise out of grasp.

But even more importantly, LinkedIn is a platform for establishing a brand and reputation. With career development hinging more and more on an individual’s visibility online, it is crucial to manage our own personal brand to make sure the story we are painting of ourselves is deliberate and authentic.

More and more organizations are relying on social media to qualify candidates, assess employees, and even promote work culture. Not just a site for job seekers alone, LinkedIn helps the following:

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for investment or investors looking for opportunities.
  • Sales professionals and small businesses interested in researching potential prospects and clients’ interests and affiliations in order to establish rapport and target efforts.
  • Ambitious professionals that want to evolve in their vocation or organization and want to learn from or connect to others in their field.
  • Leaders who want to present their expertise.
  • Consultants who want to promote their services and skills and build brand value.

In short, anyone who is interested in connecting, learning, sharing, and growing professionally can benefit significantly from the world’s largest professional network. As Dan Sherman writes in Maximum Success with LinkedIn, “if you are not on LinkedIn, you are not in business.”

Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Contact us today and leverage this incredible networking platform.

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