To be successful in a competitive market, one must be visible, credible and unique. Most professionals recognize the need for an effective resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to attract opportunities, but one often overlooked and incredibly powerful tool is a Branded Biography.

What exactly is a Professional or Executive Bio? In short, an Executive Bio is a marketing piece focused on your career narrative. A Bio’s intent is to attract, persuade, and engage a reader – to tell your professional story in a way that presents your values, objectives and accomplishments that builds trust, and establishes an appreciation in your audience of who you really are as a professional.

Executive Bios aren’t just for execs, though all C-Suite professionals benefit greatly from having this piece in their career portfolio. Branded Bios (a biography that is aligned with the overall message of your Professional Brand) are useful for multiple contexts – proposals, networking opportunities, websites, email introductions, etc.

Whether it’s a short, punchy opening at a speaking engagement, or a more in-depth introduction in a consulting pitch, let an expert career writer create a compelling narration of your unique contribution to the professional world.

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    Executive Bio/Branded Biography Package

    Our Executive Bio or Branded Biography package includes both full-length and condensed versions of your professional narrative.

    One full-page (up to 800 words) Executive Summary
    One “condensed” version (150-250 words)
    One Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, to use as a “tagline” for professional branding

    Executive Bios are useful in:

    Business proposals
    Speaking engagements/introductions
    Resume summaries
    LinkedIn/Social Media profiles
    Annual Reports

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